About Me -

May name is, you guessed it, Jim Cauthen. I'm a photographer based out of Boise, Idaho. I graduated Boise State University in 2014 with a degree through their Bachelors of Fine Arts program, with an emphasis in Photography. I primarily focus on Male Fitness & Physique photography, but I also shoot a wide range of other subjects, styles, and events.

The Photography program through Boise State University offered me the opportunity to explore the male form in ways I hadn’t had the chance to fully think about before - And so began my work exploring the fine-art male nude. Not everyone can appreciate it, but no matter what you do, you can never please everyone.

The US Air Force brought me to Idaho, but Boise made me stay - 22 years later and retired, I’m still here enjoying all that Boise & Idaho have to offer; hiking, camping, white water rafting, zip lining, and much more.

Equipment I Use -

People ask a lot, “What do you shoot with”?  and I always respond with “I’m a Canon guy!”   The equipment doesn’t make the photographer; the artistic eye, knowledge, and vision make the photographer.  You can own the top of the line camera and equipment and be a sub-par photographer; you can also only own a basic entry-level camera and kit lens and take photographs that can rival even the best!  Never let brand and model envy make you think you can’t take great photos! (This section may contain affiliate links)


About the Shoots -

I try to keep the shoots/sessions as light-hearted as possible - it helps my models nerves relax and helps them forget the world for a little bit. The people I’ve worked with range the gamut of body styles; from Bodybuilders, to Men’s Physique competitors, to lean & average bodies, and even some larger men. My lighting style tends to favor the muscular to lean forms, but I’m learning how to better work with the larger models too. 

The majority of my shoots are done out of my home studio. While its not the most amazing studio setup, it still allows me to create the images I make, as well as provide a safe and private space for my models to relax and let their guard down for their session. I’ve also done location shoots out of various gyms, hotels, businesses, and outdoor settings; each one providing its own unique style mixed with each unique gentleman. 

On the technical side, I shoot with a Canon 5D mk IV in full RAW, and do my editing primarily in Adobe Lightroom, as well as some in Adobe Photoshop. Proofing galleries are hosted on my website for my clients to go through and select the images they like the best. Once the final edits are done, I email a copy over, as well as put them on a private DropBox shared folder.


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